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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you with my dear. >> disney the parent company of abc news, if you couldn't tell. that's what's >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington," on your side. >> the 10-year veteran ended up shooting a man dead inside of a home. it is thursday, november 15. >> a little bit warmer than it was this time yesterday. >> i do not know. we are looking at pretty similar conditions overall between today and yesterday. one of the biggest differences as we have a little more clout the cover. it is 41 right now at a rate in national. 35 at dulles.
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look at all of the 20's. 29 in charlottesville. 38 in quantico. a little weak disturbance is nearby. that is bringing in the cloudiness. some sunny breaks can be expected today, but it will be another cool one. your seven-day coming up in a minute. let's check on traffic. >> we had a report of an accident on the inner loop of the beltway after river road. the inner loop after river road you can see it is not too bad. not any evidence of delays just yet. on the beltway ever read. it still looks pretty good. you want to watch out for that.
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in springfield we see >> -- we see traffic moving smoothly. all of the road work is picked up. a friend everything open on the stretch of the beltway in montgomery county in silver spring. roadwork being up, right now most of it is on the way out. >> thank you some much. our top story texas to prince george's county with investigation texas to a shooting that happened in riverdale. >> on 63rd avenue, a man inside the house pointed a gun at him. the deputy shot and killed a man. jay korff has more. >> police say wednesday night a prince george's county sheriff's deputy tried to serve a
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temporary peace order at the home along the 6300 block of 63rd ave. a woman led to the deputy into the home. things quickly turn from their perry >> while talking to the female subject, a male subject appear from the rear of the home displaying a firearm. the deputy discharged his weapon striking the subject. >> the deputy was not hurt. the man with the gun was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> neighbors they have never witnessed this level of violence. >> somebody died here on our street. >> apiece order typically involves two disputing parties who are not related to each other. we do know some time members of law enforcement it caught in the middle. >> i have friends and relatives who are police. they are putting their lives on
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the line every day. i am concerned for all of them. >> it is too early to release a number of critical details like how many shots were fired and if the suspect fired his weapon, what kind of gun he had. identities have not been released. >> tea was so much. a police surgeon was hurt and a three vehicle crash. the sergeant was responding to a burglary in process when he collided with a suspect. the side reject the sergeant was taken to the hospital. -- the sergeant was taken to the hospital. what's not for the latest in a scandal involving david petraeus. john alen says he will cooperate. the fbi looks through documents
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taken from the home, the president answered questions about a possible security breach. >> i have no evidence that classified information was disclosed that in anyway would have had a negative impact on the national security. >>david petraeus is breaking his silence on friday. it is about the deadly attack enter libya. they will hold a closed-door briefing on the september 11 attack. it killed chris stevens and three other americans. counter-terrorism officials are expected to testify there. turning to business news, at it is time for starbucks as the country expands. -- the company expands.
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>> we do get a ton of quarterly reports today from the retail industry including wal-mart and target. we have reports on inflation as well as jobless claims. take a look at this. check out facebook. 12.5%. that results and shares typically falling. shares rose on optimism the company will boost its ratted -- ad revenue. starbucks is growing even more with another deal. it does not of of coffee. it has agreed to buy teavanan for six under $20 million. it will add to its other non coffee holdings. -- for under $620 million.
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a study that shows black friday ads have the same prices and items as last year. thank you so much. it is 4:37 right now and 40 degrees outside. >> the president heading to new york a couple of weeks after surveying damage
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>> we are back with the latest of sandy's aftermath. president obama will head to new york. >> accounts a couple of weeks of revisited the new jersey shore. today he is going to staten island. >> the governor says he will request $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after sandy. >> for any people still lingering without power, at temperatures of in the upper 30's right now. 41 in dc. you can see the cold air of to the west. we have a big disturbance to the
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west and the south. cloud cover this morning. a brick behind it. we will see more cost move in light tonight. partly sunny today and on the call side. we will stay in the low to mid 50's for the weekend. that storm looks like it would not happen for us. a cold front will pass through as a result of. that is about it. >> good morning. we have an accident in montgomery county on the inner loop of the beltway. it is after river road before you get to the exit on 270. not seeing a delay right now. that is there as you head northbound or eastbound on the inner loop of the ball to a crossing the american bridge.
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-- beltway crossing the american legion bridge. we are ok as you passed 290. 270 lines are open moving smoothly. things are moving nicely from dale city, springfield on 2395. we are open from dumfries to springfield. over at dulles airport, the toll road very light volume of traffic. >> that is what we like to see at this hour. it is 4:42. our goal is to make your morning easier. we think we can help you out with our iphone app. >> the latest news, weather, and traffic. go to 8 can download it for free. there is still time to enter for
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a chance to win thousands of dollars and center of free groceries. >> the clue word is cranberry. we will announce the winner of a $500 a for a gift card. we will also give you another clue words to you can enter again. more winners on friday, monday, and tuesday and on wednesday. one winner will receive a $500 gift card in time for the holidays. >> 4:43 and 39 degrees. >> new details on a shooting at a wal-mart.
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>> simpson killed -- since then accused of killing her roommate. she allegedly stabbed her remain over loud music. under cross-examination she said frazier had a knife. police are hoping somebody will recognize the person in these surveillance photos. this is the person believed to have shot a manager at walmart in laurel. the manager complied, but the man shot him anyway a in the upper body and enter the parking
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lot. if you have an permission your ass to contact police. >> - -asked to contact police. >> the event includes a candlelight vigil along with presentations and a roundtable discussion on the issue. >> a bill will be introduced that will ban smoking on property owned or leased by the county. that would include county properties. a news conference will provide more details about the bill. a public hearing is tentatively scheduled for january. >> public hearings will be held on today and monday to close d.c. schools. many of the schools slated for closure have role en route -- low enrollment. monday's meeting will be held
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from 2:00 until 6:00. both taking place in room 412. d.c. police searching for a high-school principal charged in the beating of a former school employee. a warrant has been issued for the arrest of thelma jarrett. she and two other staffers accused at a football game back on november 2. the two other suspects of turn themselves into the police. >> george washington university has lost its place on the annual best colleges list. it went from 52 to unranked after they revealed they inflated data for more than a decade. the status will stay in place until they publish their 2014 best rankings and that will not happen until next fall. >> a toll hike takes effect and
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it will rise from $1.50 to $1.75. polls will jump from 75 cents to $1. in 2014 it will cost $50 since to travel. -- $2.50 to travel. >> a class to help drivers out on the road. tom roussey has the details. >> just a few miles away, people were asking questions about the new toll lanes that are supposed to help the blow by the bad traffic. many questions we heard center around ec pass and a car pulling. if you have three or more people the toland's are free. >> if you have three or more people, do you have to have an ezpass?
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>> a device called ezpass flex. >> how will the machine know if i am to be charged or free? >> if you have three people you flip a switch and you will not be charged. if you have fewer than three you will not be charged. other questions involve how do you know the price for the tolls. signs like this one tell you how much he will pay when you get on. >> i am sure it will take a lot of time getting used to. >> one basic question for many -- how do you get on it? >> do you just merge right over? >> it is a limited access highway. >> there are only 11 spots you can get on and off the new toll lanes. one of them right here. you can see the exit go straight on to the toll lanes. if you want to find out more details that we did not have
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time to answer in the story, we go into more detail on our web site the new lanes are said to open a couple of days early saturday morning. >> new rules we will have to get used to. 4:51 and 40 degrees. >> she is
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>> good morning, washington. 5:54 exactly right now. 41 degrees is the temperature. wins a brisker of the north as 6 miles per hour. -- wines brisk out of the north at 6 miles per hour. stafford at 36. chantilly almost of the freezing mark at 33 degrees. we will stay pretty much cloudy throughout the morning hours. we have one to the south the rain will stay down there. we will not get any of that. notice the brakes off to the west. clearing expected late this morning. everything will cloud of back up a little bit.
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partly sunny today and on the cool side. 45-51 degrees. partly sunny tomorrow as well. up to 55 by saturday. we do have a chance of showers on sunday, it got a 30% chance. you will notice the clouds more than anything else. >> we have a report of an accident on the inner loop of the beltway near river road. it was moved over to the shoulder. everything is open near river road. head over to construction at the district line northbound to 95. only one lane is squeezing by. on springfield everything is moving smoothly. lanes open, a jovial and is looking good also.
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so far early this morning. >> thank you. it will be a busy day on capitol hill for the new members of the congress. a new member orientation under way including posing for a photo. that will be snapped this morning on the steps of the capital. the number one goal -- this girl is so happy the election is over. at the -- abigail evans. >> she was crying because she was tired of seeing the ads. it was only appropriate remedy followed up and told her who won the election. >> who is going to be president? bronco -- >>obama. >> a few more mentions of the fiscal cliff could have her crying again in no time.
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>> turning to entertainment news, trouble for the 19-year old daughter afterof bon jovi. >> she was hospitalized and charged with drug possession. the band is scheduled to perform a benefit performance next month. the material girl jumping on the bandwagon for going gangum style. in addition to performing his head, they also performed "music." >> it is still catchy. i think it is impossible not to jump on the bandwagon. that is quite the endorsement. >> 4:57 and 39 degrees.
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